Week Seven: Magnificent

For the most part I spent this week focused on the Open Referral work after last week’s distractions. 

I wrote some project weeknotes, spent some time with the team grouping and finding themes for the outcomes of our research about barriers to adoption and helped plan our Show and Tell…which I was really pleased with – I am keen we break the model of ‘we did this and then we did that’, we have weeknotes for that, and instead share our thinking and encourage challenge and feedback. The team is great – everyone has the skillset to tell the story of the work from their own perspectives but hold the line message wise from a collective point of view and everyone has embraced the working in the open. The attendees were great as well – engaged and proactive. Couldn’t be happier really.

I also arranged a face to face team meeting so we can thrash out the details of the project run in and an ‘advisory group’ workshop to share an early view of the draft recommendations to challenge or endorse. Really pleased with the folk we’ve got signed up for the that Group – I expect a really supportive set of critical friends which will be vital to the success of the work

When it comes to the final output I’m really keen that we produce an actual document/report (following the brilliant guidance dotEveryone developed back in the day) with a supporting deck for presentation – decks as documentation offend me!

I continue to really enjoy the project – it ticks a lot of boxes for me and it is a really nice way to return to consulting.

I’ll soon be on my way to Ottawa (via Toronto) for the FWD50 conference. I’m doing a little bit on the agenda – just a Q and A type thing about hacking hiring. I’m really looking forward to it – there is a really high number of people I like and admire attending, I love Canada and as I’ve mentioned before I hope to spend more time there in 2024.

I suspect the weather will be bleak but it is hardly good here!

This will be my fourth trans-Atlantic trip this year (Toronto/Montreal, New York/DC and LA previously) and I have a trip to Philly still to come. This is the most I’ve travelled ever!

My current contract finishes on the 15th December and I’ll be needing a fresh gig in January – should I be out there talking about this already? I just have no feel for this. The market feels cooler than 18 months ago and I just don’t think anyone is going to be banging the door down to hire me to coach digital generalist folk, help teams work in the open or support orgs improve their recruitment of digital people. So I’m guessing for the time being I need to find opportunities where someone needs general digital leadership at a project or programme level – where my odd mix of skills combined with my significant experience reassures someone, somewhere. This is not the long term goal but I can live with it for a while if the work is interesting and the people are solid.

I’m going to end this here – I’m writing this in the Sofitel at Terminal 5 and I’d had three pints before I started so who knows what this actually reads like!

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