Week 12: Days of Christmas 

Doing this a day early as hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be trying to work out whether I should have an extra pint (which will lead to who knows how many more) or head home and be sensible for it is the Season

This week consisted of a lot of writing/editing/thinking/rinse/repeat. I have been working on the final recommendations report for the Open Referral UK project, helping with some bid writing and advising on a couple of agile communications and ways of working projects that needed me to stop babbling and hand waving and write stuff down. It stepped things up another gear from last week which was itself a step-up from previous weeks and that feels weird at a time I’d usually be easing off but it has been good – a nice mix of interesting stuff, lovely people and a handful of difficult meetings just to keep me grounded.

I also interviewed for a job this week. Like I said in the previous weeknote I’ve decided not to pursue my wider plans of a coaching/training business despite decent interest. The whole; seek work, secure work, deliver work, promote work and return to start, cycle just doesn’t suit me. I just want to do the work and talk about the work. Or as close as possible to that.

Also I realised not being part of a bigger team and organisation was going to have a negative impact on my mental health. I live a pretty solitary life since the whole work from home era and I need the impetus of a wider team/organisation to push me into more human interaction! Not to mention the reality is I am most effective coaching and advising where I have built relationships and in tricky and large spaces. Not solo entrepreneur-ing it.

I’m still going ahead with launching my Digital by Default Jobs board and despite a big wobble about the jobs newsletter due to the demise of Tinyletter I have plans for that as well now.

Back to the interview. It went well I think but it was far and away the most pre-interview activities I’ve ever had to do and there was an element that was almost role-playing which I did not do great at. Anyway I should find out before I head to Philly next week.

I’ve been reviewing this years crop of Christmas movies on the streamers over on Bluesky – then realised I couldn’t link to the posts so I’ve dropped them in here. This is week one – I think there should be at least as many again for me to sit through!

Candy Cane Lane with Eddie Murphy and Tracy Ellis Ross

(out of )

Total nonsense and barely coherent but really good cast, a few different twists on the AI generated Christmas movies that mainly clog streaming services and a few chuckles. Not too mawkish.


Candy Cane Lane – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Family Switch with Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms

Soooooo cheesy and honestly more of a body swap movie than a true Christmas movie but it is unusually self-aware and meta (also I love Jennifer Garner!).

Jason Sudeikis totally stole Ed Helms career though


Family Switch | Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Naughty Nine

A mix of Ferris Bueller, Oceans 11, The Santa Clause and every other heist movie – but kid sized! It is cute and has fun playing with all the heist movie cliches (though I doubt the young target audience will realise that!)


Disney The Naughty Nine | Official Trailer | NEW Disney Original Christmas Movie | @disneychannel

Dashing Through the Snow with Ludacris

(actually 2.5 but it is Christmas and no way to do half a tree!)

Ludacris is a charisma black hole in this but everyone else is working hard and the sound track is a winner. No idea what Eric from Entourage is up to though


Best. Christmas. Ever. with Heather Graham, Brandy and Jason Biggs

Soooooo bad. I feel for Graham and Biggs that their careers have fallen this far. Some Netflix Exec isn’t getting a Christmas bonus.


Best. Christmas. Ever! | Official Trailer | Netflix

Exmas with Robbie Amell and Leighton Meester

I am really fond of Leighton Meester – she was very funny in Single Parents and iconic of course in Gossip Girl but bloody hell she should have a word with her agent because this is TERRIBLE.


EXmas | All New Movie | Coming Nov 17

I think this is going to be the last weeknote of 2023 – though I suspect I’ll do a holiday special edition on the way back from Philly.

Regardless – Merry Christmas to anybody who read this far

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