The coming of the unUnConference

It is not an unconference…you might even call it a…conference!

Debbie, Steve and I have now organised five pretty successful Product for the People unconferences (London x2, Cardiff, Manchester and Leeds) and with Bristol booked in for November (28th) and Birmingham potentially in February we started thinking about what else we could do for the community.

What we landed on was the radical idea of running something that looks a lot like a regular, single track, conference (maybe with a few tweaks to keep things interesting). We are aware we have a network that includes some brilliant, smart people that our community (well their L&D budgets) often have to pay a lot of money to hear share their insights…so we wondered whether we could ask if a few of them would come along and speak gratis…and so here we are.

The ‘theme’ such as it is will be something about product people taking those skills to tackle big problems…or something. We’ll see.

Anyway it looks like it will be in (East ish) London on September 19th, during the day, finished by 6pm with some kind of gathering after. It will either be totally free or maybe cost a tenner (mainly as it helps lessen no-shows and we can spend it in the bar after).

In keeping with the Product for the People ethos (ha!) it will still be a pretty Minimal Viable Conference – no frills, just great people.

Pencil it in and more information will be forthcoming…and a few of you reading this might get an ask in your near futures

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