Take out the tabs day

Too many Chrome profiles with too many open tabs has got my laptop crawling through treacle so I thought I would capture some of those tabs for posterity. I don’t do this often anymore because – well – everybody does but maybe someone will find something useful –>

Finding the “So What?” – How to get to the Doteveryone Definition of Done – I shared this on the socials this week and it was a big hit. I was surprised how many people hadn’t seen it. I’ve been referring to it ever since it was published – it is a gem of a guide.

Privacy is Priceless, but Signal is Expensive – I don’t use Signal but this is a fascinating insight into the costs of running a big consumer messaging product in 2023.

Designing in the Dark by Audree Fletcher – I’ve shared the deck and now video of Audree’s talk at least once a week since she spoke at Camp Digital. This guide to small p politics and getting things done in Government is a masterclass.

The Do Lectures 3 Hour Newsletter Course Resource sheet – I signed up for this course but then never actually attended it but this list of resources is really useful for anybody thinking of doing a newsletter (or in my case growing one.)

People capabilities as outcomes – another great post from Emily showing that there is a different way to tackle capabilities in organisation.

The Myth of Not Having Anything To Talk About – this is a great post about encouraging people to give talks and stop worrying about people not being interested in what they say. I say similar things a lot but Melinda says it better. Alex was right though there is a wrinkle – it isn’t straightforward getting the opportunity to speak. Things like 300 Seconds help but it is still a bit who you know.

mySociety 20th anniversary: the speech – the venerable civic tech organisation mySociety celebrated its 20 year anniversary last week and Louise – their current CEO and long time contributor – gave a beautiful speech summing up two decades of digital activism.

The long read: Changing how we change in the public sector – more Audree with a brilliant provocation on how the current model of programme management for everything is failing when it comes to delivering change in Government and suggests a different approach to get things moving.

In 12 months you will be an AI organisation, like it or not – Sarah Gold from IF is not prone to hype so when she writes about the coming AI disruption you need to take it seriously.

OKR vs NCT: Which is Better for Your Team? – I’d never heard of NCTs until a couple of weeks ago but given my issues with OKRs I’m becoming a fast fan. I suspect they have their own problems but to be honest it sounds like what I ended up twisting OKRs into anyway so consider me team NCT for now!

First-Gen Social Media Users Have Nowhere to Go – this one spoke to me! Lord knows I am no millennial but the demise of Twitter has rather unhoused me. I find myself surfing between Mastodon, BlueSky and – god help me – LinkedIn, but none are really replicating the community I had on Twitter even in the dark days.

To the Clerk, and friends – a blogpost from Sean Boots following on from his blockbuster talk at Canada’s FWD50 digital government conference. Much of it will feel familiar to UK readers I am sure – it certainly resonated with me.

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