Some links I’ve spotted recently

I sent out a newsletter today and included these links at the bottom. Popping them here for posterity…

Camden have a good job going as Chief Data Officer

Here’s the recording from last week’s LocalGovDigital Live! discussion about structural reform in local government. Book onto future events so you don’t miss out!

This explainer video about ‘community power’ from NewLocal is pretty interesting 

Nick is running a cool-looking event in London in June.

James Plunkett on ‘Future building’ (via NeillyNeil)

“Doing user research to inform strategy”

Should you have a button on your website that says ‘translate’?” – very interesting take by James at Essex County Council’s Service Transformation team.

I absolutely love this – a Chrome browser extension that lets you play Breakout against your Google Calendar – bash the ball into the appointments to destroy them! There’s even an option to automatically decline the meetings you destroy! Tempting….

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