Mild, Mild West (Camp)

I had a really great time at UKGovcampXL last weekend in London and it really lived up to the XL element. It was a big and blod statement of intent from the community and totally justified the risk in essentially doubling the size of the event.

All that said it did somewhat make me miss the early days of Bar and Gov camps where the crowds were smaller, the hallways quieter and the sessions weirder.

Soooooo I’ve floated the idea of a Bristol based Govcamp spin-off later this year that leans into something more XS than XL…and I have some thoughts on how to make that happen –>

Limit it to 100 attendees

A single sponsor (preferably Govcamp itself?)

Be pitching within 15 minutes of the intros

Iterate on the MeasureCamp pitch card to make pitches even quicker and clearer

Keep it local (stealing from the Massive Attack concert this summer keep it to people with postcodes starting BS, BA, NP, SN, TA or GL?)

Max of four parallel sessions

Space for Corridor Camp

No assigned note takers (participants can take notes but the Chatham House rule would apply)

Different length sessions (a mix of 30 min and 50 min or something?)

Coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks but no provided lunch

Learn as many lessons from the amazing work the team have done around making it a more inclusive event while keeping it lightweight.

Oh and be in the bar by 5.

So what do folks think? None of these ideas are set in stone and at the moment I have taken this no further than a couple of conversations on LinkedIn and BlueSky but if there is interest I’ll convene some folks and make it happen!

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