[2024] Weeknote 05

January check-in for my 2024 ambitions.

19 alcohol free days and even on the days I did drink I kept it to a max of three beers. That is going to go to pot during the Six Nations but at least I tried.

6 takeaways or Deliveroo which is probably a record low. Been doing Gousto a few days a week, cooking at weekends, eating fruit, having porridge for breakfast instead of bacon, drinking Actimel and smoothies and generally giving my system a terrible shock!

4,900ish steps daily average. A long way to go to get back to 10,000a day but I’m pretty pleased. I went out for a walk every day despite the terrible weather and new job which is a solid start to the year.

No yoga attempts yet.

Booked my trip to ATX TV Camp in Austin and also Product at Heart in Hamburg. Nothing else yet though.

24 new sign-ups to jobs newsletter.

5 newsletters.

4 weeknotes.

3 non-weeknote blogposts.

Failure to Launch the jobs website

Only posting links to blog and newsletter on Twitter otherwise it is now 95% abandoned and I’m pushing BlueSky hard.

Product for the People is going to happen three times this year – London, Leeds and Bristol.

Govcamp West is a GO!

No talks lined up yet but I am mentoring a couple of people to help their efforts to speak at conferences.

Solid start I reckon.

Tougher week workwise if I am honest. Lots of inward facing organisational stuff was difficult this week and I definitely had my first moment of second guessing my decision. It passed pretty quickly but regardless there was a lot going on and little of it was straightforward or comfortable. I mean nobody said it was going to be easy.

The Bottoms was funny and occasionally outrageous but I did expect a bit more.

Underdoggs with Snoop had zero expectation but was actually quite funny – sooooo much cursing + kids = easy laughs here!

Masters of the Air is spectacular and I suspect will only get better.

Griselda is quite good but I suspect watching it straight after bingeing all of Modern Family was a mistake as I keep expecting Jay and Manny to walk in!

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