[2024] Week 27

Hello from my very nice hotel room in very rainy Manchester. I’m up here for Open Data Camp ~ where I made a cameo today just to check in but attended a few sessions yesterday, caught up with some friends, totally failed to properly put up the TPX stand and generally had a fine time.

The venue was amazing – the perfect set up for this kind of event and as ever the Campmakers were just the right mix of relaxed and organised making sure things ran smoothly.

I attended sessions about tactics that have (and have not) worked in the quest for more open data, what might be Labours attitude to open data, AI, openness and ethics, improving find ability of open data and transparency data (which became Local Gov and open data really.)

There were lots of very smart and passionate folk in attendance but I did feel a little disconnected from many of the discussions. Campaigning for open data for the sake of open data feels like a different age and many of the conversations felt like they could have happened at any point in the last decade ~ just with the extra wrinkle of GenAI and a new Government.

Some people did have really interesting and useful things to say about hooking asks to things like Labours Missions and being much clearer about first order, near or mid term benefits and a more mature approach to lobbying…but they were the minority.

As usual at these things the real benefit was all the corridor conversations and that didn’t disappoint.

Oh and the sticker game was on point.

I wasn’t well at the start of the week ~ both my parents have had a rough week with Covid and I’d been with them the day before they tested positive. I only had a very light line for one day on my test but was pretty rough Monday – Wednesday so I think that might have been run-in five with Covvy. At least this time it was short lived.

Honestly it was probably a bit ambitious coming up here for ODCamp, especially after a late-ish night, earlier morning Thursday/Friday for a certain event of national importance. The travel, overly celebrating the outcome of said important event, ODCamp itself, the stress of watching England scrape another victory (thanks Stef and Rob for the company) and the two hours street art searching (and the subsequent soaking) have left me a bit broken at the moment. I’ve also been BAD with my diet for a couple of days and suspect my blood sugar is high AF.

I wrote quite a well received post about my love of libraries last weekend which was nice and spurred some fun conversations and for the most part stayed out of a couple of conversations about past data initiatives in Government.

I’m still in a bit of a holding pattern at work – though I do seem to be on the brink of maybe stepping into one of three or four assignments that have opened up. I just don’t know which one(s) still and there is a bit of an opportunity cost because committing to anything takes me off the board for the others and it is unclear where I’d add most value (or who will decide that to be honest!). Still it is getting clearer and I am optimistic that the aforementioned outcome of the event of national significance will create some fun opportunities that might be Jukesie shaped as well.

I’m very much enjoying ‘Hits, Flops, and Other Illusions’ by Ed Zwick ~ it is very open and name-droppy but also the level of privilege it demonstrates is remarkable (a small thing ~ his first job was working as Woody Allen’s assistant in Paris…because he was there studying experimental theatre.)

I enjoyed a bit of my sofa viewing of Glastonbury over the week as well – Little Simz, Janelle Monae, The Sugarbabes, Noname, Tems, Olivia Dean and SZA all hit the spot.

Right I might have a nap.

Take care folks!

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