[2024] Week 23

Uuurrrggghhh. This week has been a blur as a six hour time difference seems to be the sheeeeeeeit spot for me and jet lag. It feels like my brain has just caught up with my body after getting delayed somewhere over the Atlantic.

I didn’t actually get home until Tuesday afternoon – the flight was overnight Monday>Tuesday. I spent the last few hours in Austin going for a walk along the river on the hiking trail – which meant sweating through all my clothes basically – before visiting the Texas Toy ‘Museum’ – which was this incredible mess of toys and arcade machines from the 1980s and 90s, barely curated and with zero context but it was great fun (I still can’t play video games but am okay at pinball!).

Travelling Club World is definitely not worth the money but it does massively help with my anxiety around flying – I was basically able to cocoon for nine hours and while I didn’t really sleep (the non-stop turbulence and recent tragedy meant I was a bit too paranoid to totally relax!).

At some point on the flight I started scribbling ideas for a blogpost drawing parallels between the roles of Showrunner in US TV and Service Owner in UK gov and really thought I was onto something…needless to say in the harsh light of day my notes were not quite as insightful as I had imagined I do think there is something there – albeit it is niche AF – so I will probably circle back to it once I’m feeling a bit sharper.

My fixation on the Showrunner/Service Owner stuff is a side-effect of some undefined, professional, discontent that I can’t seem to shake. It is nothing major and to be honest it might just be an age/mid-life thing but I do have this nagging feeling that I’ve lost my way a bit and would benefit from a mission to provide me some direction and momentum. I was putting quite a bit of weight on the trip to provide me with a bit of a boost – and it did in most ways but in relation to this career angst it seems to have amplified it. I’m also putting a world of weight on the outcome of the election (for many reasons) but one of them is the hope that a change will spark some activities I might be able to align myself to for a couple of years.

Some of this might have also been triggered by this week marking 200 weeks until my totally arbitrary planned date to semi-retire (whatever that really means!). The passage of time is certainly on my mind a lot.

In some of my coherent moments I shared some ideas about job boards with a friend looking at something for their sector, shared a bunch of OKR (pros and cons) blogposts I’ve been bookmarking recently, had a career chat with someone looking for product work, did an early edition of my jobs newsletter and booked travel and accommodation for TICTeC (London), Product for the People (Leeds) and Open Data Camp (Manchester).

Watched the new Star Wars show ‘The Acolyte’ which was okay but I found myself really annoyed by a casting bait and switch they have pulled and I think it has soured the whole show for me.

Went to see Bad Boys 4 – subtitle: The Will Smith Redemption Tour. Look – I’m sorry – I enjoyed it. It is loud and stupid and obvious but Smith and Lawrence are still a great pairing and it knows what it is. Amusingly there were only two other people at the screening…one of my best mates and his son! Bristol is a village.

That’ll do. Take care folks.

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