[2024] Week 20

I’m writing this on the 14.48 out of Paddington back to Bristol after a busy few days in London.

It’s been a bit of rollercoaster week – work has been busy and frequently challenging – I’ve done some good work but also dropped the ball on something that caused someone else unnecessary stress (but I put my hand up, apologised and hopefully helped get things to a better place). Mostly it felt like I was operating at the kind of level of complications and complexities where I feel like I earn my money as I have a mix of skills, experiences and network that can unpick pretty knotty issues in this space. I mean you’d hope so wouldn’t you! Anyway for most of the week I felt like I was in the right place doing the right stuff and was in a good mood but one bit of internal ‘admin’ that landed in my inbox yesterday has me questioning everything and genuinely thinking about making a bit of a drastic move.

Only a week and a bit until Austin and two weeks off so I need to just just a chill pill until I’m back.

I am genuinely aghast at it though and the chasm of difference in expectations it represents about the role I thought I was hired for and the way others see it. I’m pretty sure I’m the one who misinterpreted things but  

On the positive side – because there were a lot – I got to spend an entire day with a team talking about APIs, data standards and adoption strategies. Must be four years since I spent an uninterrupted day on a single team and topic. It was also the first time eight years Rob and I have been in a meeting together after a few years of it being daily in the ONS times (he probably needed those years to recover!)

I got to spend an afternoon with another team talking about prioritisation and putting a new model through its paces with some real asks. It held up surprisingly well for a first run through – definitely room for improvement but I was really pleased.

Got to spend some decent time with Ben this week – it’s nice to have a bit of a partner in our corner of things – I’m leaning back in a bit now as I think I moved onto other things too early and the programme is too big and awkwardly shaped for one Senior Partner to lead without some support – so I am trying to be the person I needed but for Ben.

Contributed a bit to a proposal though not as much as I would have liked to primarily because of the other reason it was a rollercoaster week. I had a TERRIBLE time with side effects from my Metformin. I’m on the max dose now and my system did not appreciate it one little bit. I won’t go into details but I missed out on Interesting as I was in bed at my hotel at 5pm Wednesday evening. It was probably a bit ambitious to spend a week away just as I doubled my intake with hindsight.

I’m changing the type of pills to try and find something friendlier to my system but no drop in the max mg and I’m going back on the Gliclazide as well for three months. Fun.

I wrote this blogpost about blogging and have convinced a few people to answer a little survey about their blogging which I’ll be publishing at bloggersblogging.blog as soon I set that up this weekend.

Oh and it was the 10 year anniversary of my first proper conference talk yesterday – at the much missed Port80 event in Newport – probably first and best!

On the non work front I had some tremendous tacos and got out early a couple of mornings to take loads of graffiti and street art pics.

I’m watching season 2 of Kin on iPlayer – brilliant stuff.

Started reading Gene Kim’s new book (is it new? New to me anyway) Wiring the Winning Organisation.  Between Accelerate and the Phoenix Project Kim has been a big influence on my thinking so I’m excited (I’ve decided to try and read some ‘work’ books again after stopping before Covid really.)

That seems sufficient. Have a lovely weekend gang!

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