[2024] Week 19

I’m writing this on the 10.03 Manchester Piccadilly to Bristol Parkway feeling smug in first class after my SeatFrog upgrade. I am a little foggy headed after a few wines last night but I’m feeling pretty positive about things as I sit here.

Camp Digital was a tonic, really lifted my spirits. It is my favourite conference by a country mile and this year was exceptional. Other people will better capture the content of the talks but Lou, Julian, Ned, Coco and Katy all crushed it. So did Sharon and the 300 Seconds crew. I skipped Seb’s closer because I’ve seen it before and I was starving but lasers never fail to be a crowd pleaser

So many great folks to chat with and so many I failed catch more than glimpses of from a distance. The venue is lovely, the Nexer crew expertly manage everything and yeah I am a fan.

So much so I REALLY want to speak at it again. The talk I’ve been playing with has evolved into something quite personal about my thoughts on the internet of public service but through the lens of my commitment to working/living in the open. It isn’t an idea that would fit everywhere but I think it might okay at Camp Digital.

So I’m putting that out into the universe

I also got some things off my chest at work that had been nagging at me. I had a bit of a moment of clarity at the weekend which the more I thought about the more I realised I needed to take some personal responsibility, stop whining and take action to make some changes. I’ve started that process now – it’s early days but just voicing it has lifted a weight.

I know this is a bit vague and ominous but it hopefully more a tale of fine tuning than anything too radical and Week 21 will mark 100 days in this job and hopefully I’ll be a bit more specific then as I do a bit of a retro.

Worked out of the Manchester hub yesterday and got to have a great catch-up in person with Daf (classic case of taller in person) and meet Oli. It is a nice little office on the doorstep of Arndale shopping (I resisted the big Uniqlo and Footlocker though!)

I also had a great chat with Ben and Tracey about some data standards stuff and Open Data Camp and got to contribute some thinking to the proposal I mentioned last week that I’m crossing my fingers we land.

There were stickier moments even given the short week – some difficult client conversations, some colleagues feeling they haven’t been set up for success and a lot of spreadsheet wrangling to get the invoices out for all new projects that started in April.

…and I appear to have massively ballsed up the forecast on one project but that is Mondays problem!

My health remains a bit unsteady – though I did get some positive results that the Statins are already helping with my cholesterol and that my kidneys seem to have settled down as well. Despite all the meds though my blood sugar is still all over the place. Basically I walk past a Greggs and it spikes. It is a long game though I suppose but it is hard work.

…but the sun is out and it is almost the weekend so yay!

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