[2024] Week 14

Health is stuff still terrible – multiple medications, lots of ‘tests’ and lots of worry but this wee week I’m not going to dwell on it…so;

Sunday I went for lunch with some of my very best friends – a couple of whom were down from Dumfries – it was a real tonic though I was a bit morose. God knows what I would have been like without them to distract me!

I really recommend the Sunday roast at The Knowle pub in Bristol – the pigs in blankets alone are worth the trip.

I got my second tattoo on Tuesday. Mid-life crisis completed. I’m really, really pleased with it but it was a lot more painful than the first one!

Ben joined us this week as another Senior Partner – Major Projects. This is a long time coming and hasn’t been easy to keep quiet but is really exciting. Ben is actually going to take the leadership role from a TPX point of view on the Local Digital stuff once he gets his feet under the table and I’m going to spend a bit of time getting a bit closer to a few interesting projects with a particular focus on places where product leadership and (open) data cross streams.

Amazingly we seem to have gotten all the statements of work over the line for teams to kick-off next week. We will have started 10 new projects/teams between early March and next week. This is too many in one go and it has been quite the juggling act. Everybody has been great though and worked really hard and flexibly to get it to this point…now we get to actually do the work!

I had several really interesting conversations this week including a couple of moments where this was true;

I’ve been really enjoying being to talk/think about some wider open standards and open source opportunities as well as having some time to contribute some product thinking in a couple of places. It was a nice balance that had been missing in recent weeks. Also I could get used to three day weeks

Met our Chief People Officer this week – who was lovely but also was further evidence of Bristol being a village as we share friends and realised we were at the same wedding a few years ago.

J.Cole dropped a surprise album out of nowhere ~ including a response to Kendrick’s recent diss verse. Cole killed it and hopefully it’ll keep K.Dot rapping as well.

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