[2024] Week 12

This week has been significantly suboptimal on multiple fronts and honestly I’m not quite sure what I am going to write here.

The root of my rubbish week is the outcome of this week’s doctors appointment and blood tests that led to the news that I have worryingly high (like medical professionals grimacing and doing double takes high) blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. The only thing that is low is my mood.

It isn’t totally a surprise but it is much worse than I expected and as a result of the follow up appointments etc I have had to cancel my plans in London for my birthday next week which is another downer. I really feel like I need a break but now even if I do take time off it will be filled with health worries and internet symptom speculation. Lovely.

Anyway I’m sad I won’t be in London to visit the exhibitions, see Dune 2 at the IMAX, see the street art in Shoreditch and have beers with the Band of BlueSky-ers like I planned.

Unfortunately work wasn’t much fun this week either so it served less as a distraction from and more as an amplifier for my dark days. I had a couple of great meetings and a lovely catch-up / lunch with Ann on Wednesday but mainly it all felt like a slog and not the kind of work where I add value or feel good about myself professionally. There are trade-offs in all jobs between the stuff you enjoy and the stuff that makes space for the stuff you enjoy and the last couple of weeks have felt like the balance is all wrong.

I do think there is a chance that I’ll get a bit closer to the delivery teams and also get to do some coaching in the weeks/months to come which is exciting and will hopefully help realign that balance.

I’m lucky to have a job where more often than not I do get to do the stuff I enjoy, with clients I really like, in a space I think is important and that I am very well compensated for but sometimes those early retirement dreams get very vivid.

First official sponsor tomorrow in my jobs newsletter which is pretty exciting – it is a fun one as well. Thanks Doug!

Got a ticket to ProductCamp in Bristol in a month’s time which given Product for the People in London is the week before, Camp Digital is a week or so after and I go to Austin for ATX TV Camp at the end of May, it is making for a busy old period!

My Nashville trip at the end of the year is now booked and confirmed as well.

My latest Voyder print arrived. So did my new Billionaires Boys Club hoodie. Though I am wondering if 51 might need to be my cool clothing cut off.

Anyway I’d best get back to Googling medical sites that just amp up my anxiety.

Take care folks!

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