[2024] Week 09

February check-in for my 2024 ambitions.

20 alcohol free days achieved.

Just 4 Deliveroos and 2 takeaways. Still cooking multiple times a week and sticking to the porridge and Actimel for breakfast plus fruit (smoothies). Didn’t stop me getting horribly ill though.

Steps dropped to just under 4,000 a day on average for the month – being ill for a week and the weather really wrecked that but also I am going to have to come to terms with the fact that after all those bouts of Covid, the diabetes and the ruined foot I just can’t walk as far, as often any more so just getting out at all every day is a win.

Zero yoga still but I feel like March is the month.

Arranged a few days in London for my 51st – meeting some friends for drinks on Brick Lane (27th March), going to the National Portrait Gallery for this exhibition, the Design Museum, some street art seeking plus hopefully seeing Dune 2. Oh and booked in for a second tattoo. 

4 newsletters.

37 new subscribers for the jobs newsletter.

5 blogposts (1 non weeknote)

Jobs website on the backburner for the foreseeable.

Twitter abandoned apart from posting links to newsletter and weeknotes.

Product for the People having some venue issues but we are on the case.

Going to get going on planning Govcamp West in March.

Still no talks booked in but I have started working on my Taylor Swift inspired ‘Eras Talk’.

Published a blogpost that is really just a series of opinions that I have about the state of digital government in the UK. I expected it to be a bit more controversial than it is turning out to be – but that might well be because I have a pretty self-selecting audience of like-minded souls. If it busts out of that echo chamber things might change.

Still it was fun to write and it has been nice to have a post that stirred some conversation.

I’ve really enjoyed work this week. I feel like I continue to hit my stride. I can feel myself stopping doing a bad imitation of my predecessor and instead bringing my own idiosyncrasies and insights into my day to day activities and my ambitions are growing accordingly.

Spent some time with the Delivery Managers for the Local Digital programme in person in London where I also got to see Ciara in person for the first time in years and have a bunch of corridor chats that made the travel more than worth it (not to mention I drafted the aforementioned blogpost on the train on my phone).

There have been some great conversations with Local Digital folk about what the next phase of the programme looks like and we’ve been getting our ducks in a line on our side. Like I mentioned last week a lot of what we have been seeking from our outputs / engagements is increased clarity and hopefully we made some decisions this week that really started to make that happen.

We continue to go through a bit of a reshaping period internally and the Major Projects crew are still probably in the forming stage – though to butcher a William Gibson line; the future [org design] is already here, it is just not evenly distributed – so things are happening at different points on a timeline which can be a bit messy at times. We are coming at the same things from different angles, with different contexts and different levels of skin in the game. We are all aligned on the goals though so it’ll sort itself out in time.

Had a nice chat with Aaron from LocalGovDrupal and how TPX does and can interact with that community and product – the more I learn the more of a fan I am – such a great thing.

Out for geeky beers tonight – though the weather is horrendous so who knows if anybody will show up. The Bristol office is packed again though.
Right that’ll do.

Take care folks!

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