[2024] Week 08

I’ve been pretty under the weather since week six and all the trains and hotel action. This week my defences surrendered and it has been a struggle. Tuesday I basically slept for 16 out of 24 hours and was still tired at the other side of that. I worried I had Covid *again* but it seems I am just old school ill.

I’ve barely stepped outside this week (the weather an additional factor) so as well as feeling exhausted I have also been antsy because I do benefit from those mental health walks.

Apart from Tuesday I have been working and most of that has been about trying to support the teams (both DLUHC and TPX) shape the next iteration of the Local Digital – without becoming another cook in an already crowded (albeit talented) kitchen. This looks like a lot of conversations around the edges, making suggestions, putting my weight behind certain ideas, joining the dots, interpreting the hidden asks and encouraging greater clarity from everyone – including myself. Dan Hon introduced me to the term Nemawashi in a recent newsletter and that really seems to describe a great deal of what I do these days.

The Local Digital team have blogged about some of the changes that I’m helping with and the publication of that post felt a bit like a starter pistol going off – we need to translate all the amazing research and insights gathered in the last nine months or so into a coherent new programme of work pretty darn sharpish. Which is fine – like I said – it is a talented (if crowded) kitchen.

There was a Show and Tell from the TPX ERGs (employee resource groups I think) – Women, Origins, LGBTQI+, Planet, Neurodiversity and Allies – which was very interesting. I appreciate that despite the commercial pressures these things are supported and people are given time to participate.

I was inspired by Benjy to create a blogroll like it is 2003 or something! I’m trying to keep it to people I know in real life or it could get out of control.

I also have my RSS feedreader a bit of a refresh – deleting a bunch of feeds and importing Steve’s OPML – before deleting some of that as well. I’m mainly keeping it to reading people’s blogs – not magazines or companies or Government departments. Just people.

I’m trying something new with my jobs newsletter – I’ve set up an account on Bluesky and am reproducing the weekly list of roles from the newsletter as individual posts. This might cannibalise subscribers from the newsletter (or it might not) but hopefully it will help encourage people to follow me to Bluesky from Twitter because the newsletter (both finding roles and promoting the list) is the last real reason I use the hellscape.

Here are a few fun things from my week.

[01] The LA ‘luxury’ tower block that graffiti writers are bombin’ the hell out of is all over my Insta. I am a fan of street art but I LOVE graffiti and this is a real return to the outlaw roots of it – at scale! They even had SWAT guarding the building at one point and it still got hit.

[02] Jeezy crushing the latest NPR Tiny Desk concert.

[03] I’m watching the live action Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix and it is great. Though I never really watched the animation (nor the movie flop) so I’m pretty fresh to it.

[04] I’m reading the wonderful Chain Gang All-Stars.

[05] I’ve been listening to the 40 years of Def Jam playlist and looking at this timeline website. Krush Groove, LL, Slick Rick, the Beasties, PE, EPMD, Onyx, Montell Jordan, Mary & Meth, DMX, Jay-Z, Jeezy, Rihanna…from the 80s to the 00s the soundtrack of my life.

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