[2024] Week 07

Here are a few fun things from my week.

[01] Russell’s new mini book on giving presentations.
[02] New print from my favourite artist – Voyder.
[03] Bacon sandwich from Sandwich Sandwich on my office day.
[04] TPX starters swag.
[05] Adidas x BAPE limited edition Stan Smith trainers.
[06] Dan Hon did a fun set of social media disclaimers.

First Friday is happening again – Friday March 1st at 16.30 – 19.30 at Left Handed Giant, Bristol. The theme is digital gov gossip.

Additionally I am organising another informal gathering for digital /public service digital folk in London on Wednesday March 27th at 17.30 – 20.30 at the Brick Lane Tap Room. This is also my 51st birthday. Which somehow feels much older than 50.

Been listening to this a LOT this week – a real departure from Simz but she can do no wrong in my eyes (or ears) and this is just a lot of fun and a great soundtrack for my daily mental health walk.

The work week has both flown by and gone on forever. Feels a bit like the honeymoon period is over and there has been a lot of internal noise this week – more than the signal required I’d suggest – but saying that I really did feel like I am starting to hit my stride in the main areas of my role. I’m starting to get a feel for the rhythm of the work and where I add value and where others are better placed to intervene.

There are so many great and smart people in this programme – on the client and TPX side – that my main responsibility is making sure they all get the opportunities to be as successful as they can be. That isn’t always straightforward but it is always worth the effort and it plays to my strengths I think.

I also had lovely chats with Giles and Dave this week which is also a positive thing.

Given how long my last weeknote was I think I’ll spare you any more this week.

Take care kids!

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