[2024] Week 04

Okay then – I am in it now. Three weeks later and I definitely have a new J-O-B. This week didn’t feel induction-y at all and even the handover elements felt pointy.

Meeting numbers were down (31) and I had a day in London Monday and in the Bristol office Wednesday again (very nice burrito from the Wooly Cactus) where there were more people this week including Kate who I introduced to TPX and started a couple of weeks ago and Gwen who I worked with on a Welsh Gov project but have never met IRL. We also had very nice snacks and pop from fellow BCorp companies which I very much appreciated.

I wrote my first Statement of Work in several years, contributed a little to a proposal for a client from my old Notbinary days, had some conversations about pitching for a big piece of work we just got shortlisted for where I am writing the pitch deck etc (again it has been a while!). I’m really excited about the pitch – it is for a client I’d love to work with. Exactly the kind of thing I took the role for.

Started to get a much better idea of how we design and staff teams. In the old days things were very ‘associate’ driven but now there are loads of TPXers so the model is very different. Professions (design, delivery, tech etc) have Heads of Ops who help the People people, Project Directors and Partners (me!) identify the right people at the right level with the right availability (at the right price). There is constant ebb and flow and it is just as well I enjoy this element of the work.

I’m still getting my head around all the spreadsheets and it literally took an hour to go through Linda’s calendar to make sure I had all the right meetings in mine plus I was asked to fill in a form that would have been rejected by the Civil Service as too bureaucratic but that is just the salt in the tea!

I’ve volunteered to support the various TPX sponsored events this year of which the Local Digital meetup on the 8th Feb is just the first of many covering a few different topics.

Another week without being able to find time to catch up with fellow newcomer Ann – next week fore sure.

Post Govcamp I floated the idea of a micro, hyper local Govcamp in Bristol sometime this year (to contrast with the XL event in London). I like the idea of keeping it to a max of 100 people with a minimal viable format and maybe pulling a Massive Attack and restricting it to people with post codes within a certain vicinity? Thoughts?

Another Govcamp spin-off is the BlueSky invite bonanza organised by the inimitable Ian Ames. BlueSky has become the life raft of choice for UK digital gov Twitter escapees and the more people who sign up the less I’ll need to use Elon’s sinkhole for my newsletter! So grab an invite…please!

Love this list of everything Steven Soderbergh watched and read in 2023. There is a lot of Below Deck!

I’m going to add to my list now with a double bill this evening of the new Masters of the Air show on Apple TV and then The Bottoms with the awesome Ayo Edebiri.

Take care folks.

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