[2024] Week 02

So the cat is out of the bag and I’m five days into my sort of return but not really to TPXImpact. For the record I have never worked for TPX – I worked for companies that were part of the Panoply (Notbinary and Foundry4) and was a friend to some of other companies under that banner (mainly Futuregov and Difrent) but I had my TPeXit before the mergers that created this new entity and thus skipped a couple of years of growing pains.

What I have returned to is an organisation (well the Consulting corner anyway I haven’t been involved elsewhere) that clearly shares some DNA with what I remember but is more like a second-cousin or something. It looks familiar from certain angles but is very much its own thing with its own personality. A calmer one at that.

Interestingly I know a couple of other people who will be joining in the next couple of weeks and months and it was reassuring to realise they saw some of the same things as I did when making their decisions to join – that additional, external validation on my choice was helpful.

So how was week one? Good leaning towards excellent.

There was that inevitable balance of fear and confidence depending on the last call – even all these years in that doesn’t go away and a nice mix of general getting to know how things work reading/meetings alongside specific things that I am going to be leading on very soon.

My primary focus for the immediate future is a Programme Director role for an in progress programme with an established client (I think I could just say who/what but I forgot to ask) where I am familiar with some of the work and many of the leadership already. I’m really happy to land in this space and am looking forward to getting stuck in. I’ll clearly have a steep learning curve on the processes and procedures side of things as it is all new but it is great to have an interesting programme that I have an interest in and affinity for early on.

I managed to spend days in both the Bristol and London offices – getting all my access/passes etc sorted straight away is great though the train pain (both legs to London were on trains that showed up with half the carriages that were expected) and last minute lack of face to face meetings in London (for legit reasons) felt a bit old school!

It is my intention to be in the Bristol office every Wednesday where possible and probably at least one other day a week. I am also planning on starting First Friday drinks at the Left Handed Giant for colleagues and other friends of this blog – 2nd February, 16.30 – 18.30 will be my first go at it. I’ll buy a round or two if anyone shows up and if they don’t I’ll just have a couple of beers!

My plan is also to be in London at least a couple of days a month – probably Thursdays I think. So if anybody ever fancies catching up just give me a shout. Next week I am there Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday as I’m committing to the Govcamp XXL theme

Royal Mail misplaced my laptop so it only showed up today – a week later than expected – but setting it up was a breeze. Another nice benefit to this new more mature company is IT support folk who are really helpful and on the ball. I have a 15” Dell which feels huge and has a weird keyboard layout which is going to take some getting used to. That said the screen is big, bright and sharp which is amazing for my ageing eyes and I really like being able to have the mental firewall that says work = Windows.

That is enough I think – nothing to say re TV, films or books this week as the most my brain has been able to handle outside of the induction has been a Modern Family rewatch.

As I mentioned it is Govcamp next week and I am really looking forward to seeing folk – I have some great (new) stickers and can’t wait to see how things work at this new scale!

That’ll do – beer time.

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