[2024] Week 01

I didn’t work this week but I was getting an itchy feeling in my brain about starting my weeknotes on the second week of the year!

I didn’t do much it has to be said but a few things maybe worth noting –>

Migrated my jobs newsletter to Ghost.org, set up a new domain and successfully sent the first email of the new era. Feeling pretty pleased with myself as it all went pretty smoothly and I didn’t scare the neighbours with any tech tantrums.

Went to cinema to see ‘Next Goal Wins’ – the new Taika Waititi movie. It was fine – the documentary it is based on is much better to be honest but it had some funny moments even if it fumbled some of the story. With the closure of my go-to cinema for over a decade I was trying out somewhere different and I did not like it much so that is disappointing.

Finally watched ‘The Fablemans’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ both of which I’d put off too long really and while I enjoyed them both I felt they both failed to live up to the hype (whereas Barbie did) but I am glad I got around to watching them for completion if nothing else.

Reading wise I started the year with two LA ‘noir’ novels – Everybody Knows by Jordan Harper and A Man Called Doll by Jonathan Ames. I enjoyed them both – they are very much from the same genre/environment – the grimy underside of Hollywood and the City of Angels with damaged but sympathetic leads and a smattering of violence.
Next up is the 3 Body Problem – trying to read it before the inevitably disappointing Netflix show.

More new job paperwork, admin and shopping. The work laptop is lost somewhere in the Royal Mail network but everything else is sorted I think.
Been treating it a bit like going back to school and as such got some new supplies;
– New backpack (Stubble&Co – lovely)
– New notebook (A5 Moleskin hardback – classic)
– New pens (Uniball Vision Elite – smooth)
– New water bottle (Chillys Original – cool)

Caught up with my friend Sara – without realising it we’ve created a bit of a tradition of meeting up early in January and it is a lovely way to kick off the new year.

Ordered a couple of new stickers to hopefully get them in time for Govcamp – Martin always does lovely work but one of these is very, very special I think.

Booked my trip to Austin in late May/early June for the ATX Television Festival. The two big sessions this year are panels with the creators and cast of Suits and Halt and Catch Fire the latter of which swung it for me.

I’ve been sketching out this idea for a new talk – one that is more personal and about lessons learned and failures recovered from over my 25 year career. Not sure it is the sort of thing that fits into many conference agendas though so might need to shelve it!

Ha – that gives the impression I was busy this week. I wasn’t but I suspect I will be in the weeks to come!

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