[2024] Q1 interlude

I did work some of last week but honestly my head was all over the place as I tried to arrange the follow up appointments from my worrying blood test results so I was off my game to say the least.

Honestly it is all pretty scary – my blood sugar numbers are horrific (much, much worse than when I first got diagnosed) and I’m now taking pills to get that rapidly under control. Given there have been no real changes to my diet, weight or lifestyle since my previous non worrying results (if anything things have improved and I am much, much healthier than when I was first diagnosed) I’m at a loss to understand how things got so bad (as was my diabetes nurse) but it probably explains the severe fatigue I’ve had for a while.

I have another appointment Tuesday morning to discuss the dangerously high cholesterol and potential for cardiovascular disease (which is a side effect of the diabetes and potentially worsened by all my Covid fun). So I’ll be getting a prescription for statins and something for high blood pressure apparently.

Anyway I’m trying to be positive and make a plan to tackle all of this but it has knocked the stuffing out of me and in a sign of my mood I just updated my will on Farewill!

Amongst all of this I have had some positive experiences in the last week. Last Saturday I went to Wake the Tiger with one of my best friends and her daughter. It is a trippy place – never really experienced anything like it. Somewhere between an art installation, escape room, interactive theatre and a 2000AD strip come to life it is really fun and unusual.

Wednesday, to deal with the trauma of turning 51, I finally went and saw Dune Part Two. I LOVED it. I can’t remember many movies in recent years that completely hooked me start to finish like this did. I was entirely enthralled with it throughout – even the fact I was in a cinema I really don’t like, with more people than I am comfortable with, many of whom seemed to struggle with the task of eating popcorn with making a racket and got soaked getting there didn’t dampen the experience.

The only weak spot was Christopher Walken who seemed to be doing an impression of Christopher Walken.

I also watched ‘3 Body Problem’ on Netflix which I enjoyed ~ but ~ it somehow felt both slow and rushed somehow. Impressive over just eight episodes! I didn’t get on with the book(s) and gave up early on so a lot of the ideas were new to me and I really enjoyed a lot of the sci-fi fun and I thought the portrayal of the friendships was nicely done. I’d definitely watch a second season but I won’t lose sleep waiting.

What else? I bought a rice cooker – definitely influenced by TikTok videos about the pursuit of perfect fried rice.

Had a lovely catch-up with Laura as she visited Bristol – wandering around the waterfront between the rain and hail ad visiting the Watershed for a cuppa and then the Canteen so I could feel ancient

Tomorrow I’m going out for lunch with some of my favourite folk – traditionally this would be a heavy session but given everything I suspect I’ll be sipping lime & soda!

Getting another tattoo (my second) on Tuesday – a homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Pez Dispenser/Godzilla –>

Been listening to Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter on repeat since yesterday morning.

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