📅 Daily note for 11 July 2024

I am back at a desk with all my usual stuff! Yay for productivity! #

Ben Welby on “Five things I think about GDS, CDDO and i.AI moving into DSIT⬈“:

In the UK, GDS benefitted from Francis Maude as the Minister for Cabinet Office (MCO) with his leadership backing the wave of transformation through to 2015. Under his watch many of the things that established the culture for digital transformation bedded in. And then in 2015 there started a sequence of 12 MCOs in 9 years. Not many of them showed the same aptitude for leading digital transformation as Maude.

Along the way the clarity of responsibility for digital started to fray. Digital inclusion, some aspects of data, some parts of Artificial Intelligence, and some parts of digital identity moving over to what is now DSIT.


About ideas⬈” from ‘a council computer person’ shared some good ways to be more creative at work. Also, the posts links to a thing called Mermaid⬈ for drawing diagrams and flow charts, which looks dead useful and interesting. #

Not bad for week one⬈” is Public Digital’s take on the new government:

Change is never easy; we learned that before. But we also know that effective delivery – and the million silent nods of approval that decent public services can earn – doesn’t happen without the right organisation and the right leadership. Political leadership is an essential part of that.

Ministers decide. The best can unblock delivery too. We hope these ministers will.


Platform Engineering is just adding Product Management to Ops⬈” by Coté.


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