[2024] Week 29 – Conscious uncoupling 

So I find myself somewhat unexpectedly about to be on the job market. Well probably not THAT unexpected if you’ve been following closely but I really hadn’t decided to resign until minutes before I did the deed. It had been on my mind a LOT – too much – but the final decision just sort … Read more

[2024] Week 28

I am in danger of overdosing on optimism. Ben is right – not bad for week one. So many sensible decisions and appointments I am getting overwhelmed and am genuinely suffering from FOMO as I see opportunities to get stuck in on new Missions with new Ministers. …and somehow England are in another final! This … Read more

📅 Daily note for 11 July 2024

I am back at a desk with all my usual stuff! Yay for productivity! # Ben Welby on “Five things I think about GDS, CDDO and i.AI moving into DSIT⬈“: In the UK, GDS benefitted from Francis Maude as the Minister for Cabinet Office (MCO) with his leadership backing the wave of transformation through to … Read more

📅 Daily note for 9 July 2024

Some machinery of government changes starting to come through. DLUHC is now MHCLG⬈ (the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) again, which is good. Also all the digital stuff (GDS, CDDO etc) is going into DSIT⬈ (the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology) which is potentially exciting. It will be interesting to see where … Read more

📅 Daily note for 8 July 2024

In the middle of a house move, so am working on my laptop rather than my main computer, and am on the sofa – my new desk doesn’t arrive until Wednesday! The computing revolution: How the next government can transform society with ethics, education and equity in technology – the British Computer Society’s vision for … Read more

📅 Daily note for 7 July 2024

A Sunday daily note! A rarity indeed. I’m not using my usual computer today, which means that I don’t have MarsEdit and thus this post does not sport any paragraph links. Let me know how little you care in the comments! Following my wittering about online communities on Friday, I came across this post from … Read more

[2024] Week 27

Hello from my very nice hotel room in very rainy Manchester. I’m up here for Open Data Camp ~ where I made a cameo today just to check in but attended a few sessions yesterday, caught up with some friends, totally failed to properly put up the TPX stand and generally had a fine time. … Read more

📅 Daily note for 4 July 2024

Have added Google Analytics to this blog, via the Sitekit WordPress plugin. I guess it will be interesting to see the numbers, but it isn’t really why I do this, so maybe I’ll switch it off again once the novelty wears off. # Audree Fletcher posted a little while back about Demanding predictable solutions for … Read more

📖 A framework for (digital) strategy

This post and all its contents is published under a creative commons attribution-sharealike license. Find out more⬈. I’m doing a fair bit of strategy work with councils at the moment, and have hit upon a framework for putting them together which seems to help keep strategies strategic, and thus make them more useful. I’m typing … Read more